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Optilia Real-Time High-definition BGA Inspection Systems 'See' What Other Technologies Cannot

Sollentuna, Sweden - Optilia Instruments' High Definition optical BGA inspection systems go where nothing else can go, beneath low stand-off BGAs to find Micro-cracks, Cold solder joints, Whisker, Scaling, Excess flux and other soldering issues that high-priced X-ray systems can't detect. Optilia's state-of-the art BGA Inspection systems feature the tiniest optical probes available and 5.0 megapixel digital image cameras in a robust system that produce high-resolution pictures of the extremely low-clearance areas beneath BGAs, μBGAs, CSP and Flip Chip packages with as low as 40 microns stand-off.

For example, Optilia's new generation 90° side view BGA inspection system is remarkable for its ability to penetrate deeply under very low-standoff BGAs and yet provide a clear, bright image. Its variable focus capability allows the user to image from one to up to 20 rows of BGA bumps with its flexible, electronically-dimmable Brush-light or Micro-prism background illumination.

Optilia offers the tiniest BGA probe on the market (0.4x3.4 mm foot print) and unbeatable magnification of up to 350x on a 24" monitor for optimum detail and ease of visual analysis. Optilia provides the highest resolution BGA system available for a crisp picture with more details than any other. A larger Field of View makes hidden balls and rows more visible, and hard-to-detect defects including solder joint micro cracks are easily discernible. Top-view attachable varifocal lenses with built-in LED lighting provide top inspection capability as well.

Configurable Optilia BGA inspection systems offer flexibility in magnification, probe tip size and in lighting adjustment. Clear, crisp real-time images are obtained through many different configuration options, and innovative features and components including an detachable BGA lens, built-in LED incident front illumination with electronic dimming, exchangeable stainless-steel housing optical probes; a digital video microscope with 5.0MP image sensor; attachable fixed-focal length or varifocal lenses; different software options; and much more.


Optilia High-Definition Digital BGA Inspection System

Optilia Instruments AB is an OEM provider of obstruction‐free, fatigue‐free High‐definition benchtop inspection for PCB assembly, and real‐time BGA inspection solutions. For further information on Digital Inspection Systems please contact Optilia at email or by telephone on +46 8 353 360.

Published 10/15/2015